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Low - Carb Diet - Is it Really Effective ?

Old School New Body - Already Fitness Indonesia 's commitment to always follow the latest developments in the field of fitness and health . One thing that is rising rapidly now is a diet "low carb " / ketogenic diet or a diet low in carbohydrates ( for brevity , I will use a carbohydrate to carbohydrate ) .
To avoid misunderstanding , let Define a low carbohydrate diet . Low carbohydrate diet is a diet that restricts the consumption of carbohydrate foods or high sugar yield , such as rice or bread . Needless to say , sweet foods like chocolate , ice cream , and the cake is definitely forbidden ! The main foods in a diet low carbohydrate diet is a high protein yield ( meat , eggs , seafood ) , high fat ( nuts , cheese , fish ) , vegetables and fruits. (read: Customized Fat Loss). A diet low carbohydrate diet to be classified if the daily caloric intake of carbohydrate is less than 20 % of total daily calories .
As I said earlier , this was a popular diet to lose weight , burn fat and get six pack abs . In every magazine , blog , or website fitness and health , I often find that a low carbohydrate diet is recommended to burn fat or get six pack abs . In fact , many fitness trainers and health and fitness books , both of which are sold in bookstores and online , recommends a diet low in carbohydrate .
And indeed , those who follow this trend get amazing results . Surely you often hear stories like this , " ..... dropped 8kg in 22 days .... " , " .... dropped 20kg in 3 months and get a six pack ..... " , or " my weight .... dropped 30kg in 4 months ... " .Then what is the problem ? The problem is , this amazing result , will only happen at the beginning you follow a diet low in carbohydrate . Due to the fact , these diets do not work for ever and for everyone !
Here are my long -term experience with low- carbohydrate diets :
I started experimenting with this diet in July 2011 with a 69kg body weight and fat content of 13 % based on the creation of Charles Poliquin biosignature . Each day , the only carbohydrate that I eat is 1 apple and 2 cups rice ( daily calories from carbohydrate was 15 % at day break and 20 % on training days ) .
In less than 2 months , I managed to lose weight by 3kg . It's not fantastic , but I reduced the fat content of 5 % from 13 % to 8 % , which is a fantastic result and not easily accessible to someone who is already a low -fat and " non - beginner " in training .
With results like this , I am more motivated to follow a low carbohydrate diet . Unfortunately , I am getting fat levels rise slowly until finally I became 69kg , 9 % fat in March 2012 and 71kg , 11 % of fat in the month of July 2012 .
After making sure that my hypothesis is right , I go back to a diet of "normal " that allows me to eat foods that are high carbohydrate like white rice , bread , and even ice cream , pasta and chocolate . Apparently, eating these foods not only " does not make fat " as people fear ( provided that " technique " was correct ) , these foods also helps my body get " ripped " my back . In 10 weeks , I lose my weight from 71kg to 65kg with fat from 11 % to 4 % .
Side note : Many of my clients who have experienced the same thing before joining a fitness program Fitness Indonesia and managed to get amazing results by increasing their carbohydrate intake strategically.


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