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Know the characteristics of Herpes

 Herpes traits arise when a person infected with herpes . Transmission of herpes usually from touching the skin with herpes sufferers . when a person has been infected with herpes , the herpes cici traits will arise The Ultimate Herpes Protocol .

Herpes Know, Symptoms, and How to Treat

Herpes disease is an inflammatory disease of the skin and usually appears bubbles containing water and in groups . Herpes Disease consists of two kinds of herpes zoster , herpes disease that affects the skin . And genital herpes is that herpes is one of the venereal disease . The characteristics of this herpes is a sense of shortness of breath , fever , chills , joint feels nyari , sore only on one part of the body .Normally the characteristics of other herpes herpes disease that attacks sometimes find themselves attacked by appendicitis , migraine , or heart attack Get Rid Of Herpes. This will bring up a small bubble in the back but that is only on one side in a particular area of ​​innervation . The bubble burst , painful and can thus be infected by bacteria . Painful bubble characteristics such as herpes , can also appear on the eye area , forehead and around the genital and only appear on one side of the body . Attack of herpes can occur simultaneously in several neural areas that cause herpes expansion into other parts of the body up to the head .But in general characteristics and disease herpes heroes only attack the area of innervation in the chest area . In order not to enter the bacteria and does not cause scars it as much as possible to keep the bubbles on the skin is not broken by using talcum powder to lubricate the skin .Usually a few days later , the bubble will deflate because body absorb and there will be a black scars on the skin . If the patient is resistant to herpes cold it is okay to shower .In general, herpes is spread through direct contact . Even for shingles can be transmitted through the air but not as strong infectivity of chicken pox . If there are people who contract herpes zoster , herpes traits usually initially had chicken pox before although he has never been sick chicken pox .Therefore , people with herpes should rest first to pegalnya not noticeably longer and the wound dries . Hopefully this article herpes traits could be usefu.

Source: Get Rid Of Herpes by Sarah Wilcox Book PDF Review

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