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Low Carbohydrate Diet - Is it Really Effective? (Part 2)

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In a previous blog post, we have discussed that the carbohydrate diet is very effective to burn fat, lose weight The Venus Factor or even get a six pack in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, this effectiveness does not last long, as shown by my experiments on myself as well as my experience with my clients at Fitness Indonesia. Knowing this, we should use this diet in appropriate circumstances, on the other hand, we need to stop using so this diet does not provide the results again, or so the circumstances we are no longer appropriate for this diet to work (source; The Venus Factor Program PDF Scam )
At the time of this blog post, I will explain a little more in-depth reason why this diet is not effective, especially for those who underwent exercise / training seriously.
In a previous blog post, I said that a low carbohydrate diet is a diet that is effective for beginners, the practice is still not too heavy. Because of the many amazing stories about this diet in the first few months. However, as you continue The Venus Factor Diet Book Review ? to practice consistently, you will not always be at the beginner level. Sooner or later, your workout will be more intense, because basically, the exercise requires a progression to continue to give results. This is where a low carbohydrate diet is no longer effective, or even counterproductive, for you, as my experience.
Here is a fact that many missed by many loyal supporters and followers of a low carbohydrate diet. Exercise / training, especially the intense and hardcore as what I did in the video below, to change the conditions of your metabolism so that your nutritional needs also change.
For more details, let's go back to Nate Miyaki, natural bodybuilding champion American of Japanese descent, and the like "car and petrol" her The Venus Factor Review.
"If you drive the car you drive around all day, sometimes over long distances, often you have to fill the gas. If not, the gas will run out. Empty gas tank in the human body as well as being tired, depressed, lethargic, grumpy, decreased performance, loss of muscle, fat does not go away, frustrated because even after the diet, your body shape does not change, and so on. "
"For women, low-carbohydrate diet coupled with intense exercise will inhibit the production of thyroid metabolism and sabotage their normal levels. For men, a combination that will lower testosterone levels and their metabolism. If you use the juice (steroids) to compensate for it, does not really matter. But if you do it all naturally, you need a more precise way "
"Intense Exercise shifted the balance Old School New Body Review | Book Program F4x Workout or Scam System of the body in the direction of catabolic (muscle mass decomposition). You need a recovery towards anabolic (muscle mass formation) to restore the balance. And we know that carbo, especially starchy, and its effect on insulin, can be very anabolic "
In conclusion, carbohydrate is not something that is evil and should be avoided. Karbo is just something that has long abused, so what happens is carbo misunderstood as something that makes us fat. In fact, carbo has its own role in burning fat, improving performance, maintaining an ideal body shape, and maintain a healthy body. So, what you should do from now on is not to avoid carbo, but uses carbohydrate as it should be!


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